LB privilèges services

In order to meet all your needs, the LB immobilier group also offers a luxury concierge service : Bailet Privilèges Services.
Do you have a second home in the Chablais ? Benefit from the best services related to the management of the material and administrative maintenance of your property. Save time and serenity : we make every effort to ensure that your second home is only a source of pleasure and to spare you the constraints!

LB privileges services

The quality of our service

Bailet Privilèges Services pays particular attention to building a solid and trustworthy relationship between our team and our clients. In order to best meet your needs, we offer personalized packages, to best meet your expectations and needs in the management of your secondary home.

The excellence of our support

Bailet Privilèges Services takes care of the follow-up of each service offered, its successful implementation and your satisfaction. No distance-related constraints : we are your relay and keep you informed of the progress and completion of the work required for each task to be carried out.

A multitude of services

  • Keeping and managing your keys
  • Regular inspections of your home
  • Mail Returns and Returns
  • Inspection visits in case of bad weather for example)
  • Access to our provider network and follow-up of interventions*
  • Administrative assistance
  • Preparing your home for your arrival
  • Post-departure checks, …

* the price of the service remaining at your expense :
upkeep of your grounds, cleaning of your residence.